Pest Control

Pest Control Sunshine Coast

• A General Pest Control takes approx. 1.5 hours.
• Pets should be restrained away from treated areas while in progress.
• Treatments do not smell unless extreme measures are required to be taken.
• Our chemicals are synthetic, industry approved treatments.
• Cupboards only need to be emptied for small German cockroaches or in the case of a major infestation.
• Do not wash the floors after treatment for a minimum of 2 days.
• Warranties depend on treatment and pest situation (our technician will advise on the day).
• Re-treatments are generally advised 12 monthly or less for severe infestations.
• Our pesticides have ‘natural origins’. They are of the family of Pyrethroids, extracts of the Chrysanthemum Flower.
• These pesticides rapidly knock down insects and are generally harmless to mammals – you and your family and pets.
• These are applied in the safest possible manner according to the Australian Standard procedures.

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