Pest Control

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Pest Control Sunshine Coast– Licensed Pest Inspections across Sunshine Coast ensured pest removal. Natural, pet, and child-friendly! The pest controllers at Aussie Carpet Cleaning are famed for delivering fantastic
services. No pest recurrence!!!

The specialised services offered by our experts include pest inspection, pest extermination, pest fumigation. We are capable of providing cockroach control, spider control, bee control, fly control , wasp removal, bedbug elimination,
moth control. In summary, we are capable of handling, controlling and removing all kinds of pests.

Our local pest controllers are available across the Sunshine Coast  including southern suburbs, eastern suburbs, western suburbs and northern suburbs. Call us on 0432 091 959 or contact us online for the same day booking.

Child and Pet-Friendly Pest Control Service on the Sunshine Coast

Child, Environmentally and Pet-Friendly Pest Control Service . Pests are dangerous for your living and working environment. They are powerful carriers of diseases and cause major health problems. Stomach infection, dysentery, diarrhea,
Salmonella are some of the problems caused and spread by residential pests. Apart from that if pests attack your commercial property then they can cause serious problem to your business as well. They can lead to sickness in employees
and workplace disruption (caused by itches, rashes, bites, and sores). If it gets noticed by a health authority then you might have to pay heavy fines as well. And lastly, customers love to do business in a clean environment and
pests could displease them badly.

Call Today 0432 091 959 for professional expertise for pest control services for homes and offices. We work 24×7 to attend your call any time of the day!